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How to Update the Latest Windows 11 22H2

How to Update the Latest Windows 11 22H2 It's very easy for those of you who don't know how to Update the Latest Windows 11 this time we will discuss how, actually you can update windows 11 22H2 Directly via your laptop or can also be done manually via Iso File.

Do you need the Latest Windows 11 Update, it is necessary to enjoy the new Features that exist in windows 11 one of them what else Now there is windows 11 22H2 Update September 2022 windows last update in windows 11 for this year that you can try.

Windows 11 which will be updated depends on windows 10 first if you use windows 10 pro you automatically update to pro as well as if you use windows 10 home Update windows 11 Home is also the same, don't forget to make sure your computer and laptop support windows 11.

Here's how to Update Windows 11 22h2 Latest.

1. Click Start

2. Click Settings.

3. Select Update & security.

4. Click Windows Update.

5. Go Down.

6. Click Update Windows 11 22h2.

7. Just wait for the update to finish

You can also update windows 11 22h2 with iso file download first Iso file windows 11 22h2 first finish downloading, and also download the Rufus file take a pendrive.

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