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7 Ways to Take Care of a Laptop to last Properly Is Not Damaged Quickly

 Laptops have now become a tool to work for some people what else work office typing reports and YouTube edit videos for content so that the laptop is well maintained so that it is not easily damaged and durable Laptop what else laptop is also not cheap the price has to come out a lot of money to buy it.

If you go to college is also very trailing a laptop to do your college assignments do not let your laptop be damaged before college is finished what else you major in informatics engineering or information systems.

How to Take Care of a Laptop to be durable and durable.

1. Do not place your laptop on your mattress and pillow.

Most commonly often done laptop on a mattress or pillow this is often done I also often, you need to know to put a laptop on a mattress or pillow can make a hot laptop can cause damage to components in the laptop so you should avoid the use of laptops on mattresses or pillows and soft places so that the laptop durable uses an open place laptop placed in a hard place such as a table or flat.

2. Clean the laptop after use.

Laptops are often dusty for a long time the dust goes into the laptop through a hole that opens the laptop and makes your laptop dirty inside therefore you have to clean the laptop often after use and before use what else is not used can also be dirty.

3. Do not force the laptop to use its work software is not in accordance with the speed on the laptop. and uninstall unused applications.

If your laptop speed from a laptop does not support large and heavy applications do not be forced will cause the laptop performance is faster and very hot, so if you need a larger laptop the performance of buying a laptop that suits your work or laptop can work heavy even though expensive money tubes to buy it high speed.

4. Laptop charger if it has been commanded usually 10% tell the charger the same laptop.

Do not let your laptop battery void up to 0% will cause damaged drop if it is 10% immediately charger, for laptop charger should be dead so that your laptop battery does not go in and out if the full condition of the laptop life immediately revoke.

5. Antivirus if you often use flash on other laptops.

For the use of windows 10 as it no longer needs antivirus what else windows already has its own antivirus update just do antivirus updates avoid malicious web access and to be studying flash in and out of other computers scanner first flash drive.

6. Avoid falling or hitting hard objects if you have fallen want to accept it again.

Laptop if it has fallen is damaged if it is not damaged there are some problems that consequently are not stable anymore or the screen is damaged and avoid also the laptop on the chair / seat so that when sitting do not sit on the laptop.

7. Use a stable and fast internet avoid the weak internet if it is lelet how again.

The internet that is weak laptop works faster when playing the browser to as well as use the internet that is stable and fast.

All the ways to care for the above do not promise your laptop is durable depending on the use and durability of the laptop as well.

7 Ways to Take Care of a Laptop to last Properly Is Not Damaged Quickly.

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