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10 Important Applications That Must Be On Android And Often Used

Important applications in android and applications often used on android should be known a lot of applications that we need to install on Android smartphones even though it is already there when buying a new smartphone and that has not been installed is also a lot yes.

In this android is very necessary for business people what else works away from family can be contacted using the chat application today family video call, Application Must Be Installed Android phone following.

1. Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Must be on your android smartphone to browse on the internet what else google application is undoubtedly about speed and very easy to use.

2. WhatsApp.

WhatsApp application to communicate with family friends this one application WhatsApp needs to be installed on your Android smartphone in addition to being able to chat WhatsApp can also call and video call.

3. Kinemaster.

The Android Best Video Editing app should be on Android and it's important to edit video for school or school purposes.

4. Facebook

Facebook application is also very much needed every day to see friends on our social media.

5. Instagram.

For those who are active social media Instagram must be installed on android smartphone many friends what else you Selegram.

7. Tiktok.

TikTok application who is not familiar with the short video application Tiktok application is often.

8. Telegram.

Telegram application that has become increasingly popular what else now many who already use telegram.

9. Twitter.

Twitter's other social media apps should also be installed on Android smartphones.

10. YouTube.

YouTube is one of the video apps that can also hear music.

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